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Christopher Syncere Dean was born on June 9th, 1999 in Orlando, Florida.

Growing up in a creative city and home, naturally Christopher was drawn towards movies, music, and fashion. One of the highlights of his youth was sitting in front of the TV on a Saturday morning to watch the weekly "VH1 Top 20 Music Video Countdown." The artists that inspired him were Kanye West, Kevin Rudolf, Fall Out Boy, and Machine Gun Kelly. His  movies of choice were Sky High, Lemonade Mouth, and Wreck it Ralph. As you may be able to tell, he's never been limited to a specific style or genre.

In 2015, when Christopher was a sophomore in high school, he surrendered his life to Jesus, and began getting plugged into his local church.

From January 2021-March 2022, Christopher was signed under recording artist YB's label, "NXT Move." It was throughout this time that he worked with artists such as Henrik, Cooper Hill, Kieran the Light, and Kenny Rivers.


While pushing boundaries sonically, to fashion, to visuals, he wants to change the look of what it means to be a young Christian in this world. You can be creative, authentic, and still love Jesus and move in the power and authority that He has given.

Christopher Syncere is currently working on his debut album.

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